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Our Practice

Our purpose is to provide our patients with safe, evidence-based treatments for difficult, chronic conditions.

Daniel Bishop, MD
Co-founder and Medical Director

Who We Are

We are emergency medicine practitioners who work at St. Joseph’s emergency department in Phoenix.  


We are also siblings with family members who suffer from mental illness.


Wendy Pitts, PA-C


Together we have more than 20 years of experience with ketamine use in emergency medicine.  We have cared for hundreds of patients with chronic migraines, chronic pain, and mental health dysfunction through the emergency department.  We believe there are still options for improving these conditions when they don't respond to traditional treatments.  Recent research supports ketamine as a safe and effective treatment for many patients with treatment-resistant migraines, chronic pain, and specific mental health conditions.

Why We Do What We Do

*In 2019, our then-16-year-old nephew decided his hopelessness was too much. 



Miraculously he survived.


At that time, he was on several psychiatric medications and seeing some outstanding therapists, but it wasn’t enough.  

After his suicide attempt, a therapist suggested ketamine infusions.  

He drove his car off a cliff.

A series of ketamine treatments later and he was a different person.


*Our nephew's story is used with his permission

He continues with a simplified psychiatric medication regimen, sees his therapist regularly, and receives booster doses of ketamine occasionally, and he is functioning significantly better.


After seeing the dramatic change in our nephew and researching ketamine, we were inspired to use our training to help others with their mental health and other chronic, debilitating conditions.

Our Crucial Support Staff


Christy Bishop

Patient Coordinator

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